Checking Things Off

Today, I completed many, many school assignments that I’ve fallen behind on. Not only that but I also finished my senior project keynote, shopped for some christmas presents that I hadn’t completed this weekend, wrapped ALL of the presents, and cleaned out, vacuumed and reorganized my kitten’s room. (Yes, she has her own room. She is THAT spoiled) I feel so accomplished! I’m actually exhausted and I feel the need to go to bed right now or I’m going to die. 
Tomorrow I plan on getting even more homework/classwork finished before the break, organizing my planner and binders with the new stickie note tabs I got, and these colorful pens I’ve been meaning to break out, spend some time with my girlfriend, painting my nails, baking brownie pops for our christmas party at school on Friday and having our “christmas” with our “older brother and sister”. 
I’m going to be a busy bitch for the next couple of days. Because on Friday, I have my christmas party at school, a test, and I’m making dinner for me and Kayla for our christmas date, as well as I have to get a redbox for us to watch! I’m so excited. I love having things to do and I love being busy even though when it’s all happening I want to try. But at the end of the day I love crossing things off my to do list. 
I am thinking about posting about how I organize my binders/agendas/notebooks for school. I have a really set system and I think it could help some people out. I also have a set system for studying that I might post too or as it’s own post. 
Well, That’s all for now. I haven’t written in a couple of days. I know no one reads this, but I like getting all my feelings out with out having to physically write it down in my journal.  Even though I do still do those on occasion. 

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