Kittens and Comfort (Written Previously on Tumblr)

After a long grueling night, before and after my last blog post, I’m going to turn in for the night. 
I learned this year that if I want to keep even an ounce of my sanity, I need to just do what I can, and not worry about the rest. I can’t stay up late, and analyze every single thing I need to do for the next year. I know I won’t be able to finish everything so I need to learn to do what is possible before I rip my hair out. 
I can’t wait to get in to my bed in a few minutes, snuggle my kitty Luna and FaceTime my girl and then fall asleep shortly after. I need to get this stress and anxiety away. I need to just breathe and take a break when I know I really need it. 
I’m learning all these things but its so hard to apply them to my life. I know that everything in the end is going to turn out okay, but when I’m this tired, this stressed, this anxious and this busy, it’s hard to think about the bigger picture, unless that bigger picture is two weeks in advance. 
So I’m off to get kitty snuggles, virtual kisses, and hopefully and good nights’ sleep. 
See you tomorrow, prepsters. 

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