Second (and Final) Semester School Supplies

My favorite time of the year is always when I get to buy new school supplies. I love getting organized, writing things down in my planner and buying new folders and binders. Since second semester just picked up for me last week, I thought I would share a few of my school supplies for my last semester of high school!

My school is fortunate enough to deploy laptops to each and every student. So, this MacBook air is definitely one of my main school supplies! I always change my background, (usually a Lilly print) and I keep my grades updated on the pink sticky note to the right.

Next, is my Lilly agenda. I don't think I would be able to live without this thing. I got it for my birthday in August this year from a friend and I don't know how I kept track of anything before. I write every single thing I need to do down, when it's due, test dates, meetings, doctors appointments, work schedule, EVERYTHING. It's probably a little bit excessive, but it keeps me extremely organized. I organize the items by class and/or event. 

At the end of last school year, I found a pin on Pinterest with a template to use Lilly prints to make monogrammed binder covers. Since I was already pretty much finished with school work, I printed a few out anyway and saved them for this year. I absolutely love them. It adds such a girly and preppy look to doing school work. The pink one is my binder for Honors Discrete Math, and it's organized by units. The white one is for Interior Design and that's organized by date and/or unit.

Since it's my last semester, I have a light load of classes/classwork this semester. For two of my classes, Sports and Lit and Advanced Old Testament, I didn't need a whole binder. So I just got some plain, brightly colored Mead folders for those classes. The chevron folder is for extra notebook paper, official announcements from the school, report cards, progress reports, or anything that I need or want but doesn't go in to a specific class. I always make sure I have a notebook for school. I keep it filled with random notes from classes that don't need to go in to a binder, schedules for my classes or my girlfriends classes or anything I need to keep but doesn't go in to a specific class.

These are a 20 pack of fine tip markers/pens that my girlfriend gave me. She didn't need them anymore, and knew that I could put them to use! I use them to color code my agenda, or add things to my agenda that I know for sure will not change. I also use them to draw random stuff! 

These are just a few things that I cannot live without when I'm at school. I'm a true highlighter queen. I would have highlighters in every color if I could. I have a Vera Bradley pencil as well as rainbow pencils. My favorite pens of ALL TIME are Bic ball point pens in blue ink. I use them to write EVERYTHING. I hardly use pencil unless writing in my agenda or in math class. I always have a set of headphones on me at school because it is seriously unbearable to be in class without them. I also have a portable charger that I always keep on me just in case I run down my battery too much. Lastly, EOS Chapstick. I think I have a disorder where whenever I see Chapstick I have to have it on. And when I don't have Chapstick on, I feel completely naked.

This was a pretty extensive and detailed list. But I figured I would share! Good luck to everyone who is starting their second semester, especially all the seniors! We're almost there!

What are some of your favorite school supplies?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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