Five Things

1 - Showroom Tours// On Monday, my design class and I went to three office furniture showrooms and design firms. It was so much fun. I have been leaning more towards commercial design these past few years, so I really enjoyed seeing how commercial firms work!

2 - How to Create a Foyer When There Is None// HGTV has so many great tips for people with small apartments or houses to make the most out of their small spaces. I loved this article and I'm definitely incorporating some of these into my small house!

3 - New Laptop Case// I got a new laptop case this week and I LOVE IT! It's those super popular marble ones and it's so cute. I love seeing it sit on my desk. And the best news? It was only $13 including shipping! 

4 - The Path// The Path is a new Hulu Original TV show, meaning it's only on Hulu. And it's SO good. Kayla and I started watching it last week and we're already caught up to where the new ones are releasing each week. If you have Hulu you should definitely check it out. 

5 - 11 Weird Beauty Tricks You Don't Know About// Jennifer Chiu is amazing. She always has the best beauty tips and tricks that really work!


What are your five things for this week?

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