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Happy Sunday! You made it through the week and weekend and now it's time for another one! I've had a pretty long, work week. I worked at my "real" job three days this week, I had some work to do for my freelance job and I did some blog work as well this week! This week I finally got into a groove of running with Koda, doing 30-40 minutes of yoga and doing some strength training. I hope to keep this going through the next few weeks and into the school year. I'm trying to start the habit of working out and doing yoga before I head back to school, that way it's easier to continue. So here we go!

1 - Workout Routine// Like I said, I've started working out more. I've come up with a little workout routine. I thought I'd share it with you because it's simple, easy and doesn't take more than an hour. I feel good and tired like I worked out. The timing depends on if I work at the store from 9-6 that day. On the days that I am off:

  • Wake up around 8-9 and run with Koda around the neighborhood
  • Eat a little breakfast and have a coffee
  • Write a post and let my food settle
  • Do 30-40 minutes of yoga from the Daily Yoga app
  • Do the squat challenge
  • Bicep curls, Tricep dips, pushups, donkey kicks and fire hydrants (I started out with 20 each and add 5 each day)
  • Shower, get dressed and eat lunch
On the days that I work, I eat dinner and let my food settle a little bit. Then I do the same thing around 8pm and have a little protein after I finish working out. 

2 - Recent Events// I'm sure you know that a lot of what's been happening over the past week or so. I feel like (and I think it's true) that there has been a shooting every day. It's just horrible what this world has come to, what this country has come to. Everyone is so divided and everyone has a different stance on #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter, but no matter where you stand it's important to remember lives are being taken. It doesn't matter if they're cops or if they're African American. They're people. Remember that.

3 - Girl vs. Globe's Healthy Morning Routine// I used to hate waking up early in the morning. My mom used to scream at me every 5 minutes from like 4th grade until I graduated high school. Once I got to college I, first of all, didn't have anyone to wake me up, and second, waking up at the last minute wasn't fun and didn't fly in college. So I created a morning routine. Take a look at Girl vs. Globe's healthy morning routine and try and adjust your morning to have a healthy routine!

4 - 17 Brilliant Ideas That Will Actually Inspire You to Pack Your Lunch// I've started packing my lunch for work recently, and sometimes it's easier to do that other days. I typically eat the same things over and over and it gets boring. But these ideas are actually great!

5 - Sweat Free Makeup// It's hot. Like really, really hot. Ingrid shows you how to get sweat-free make up in this extreme heat!

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What are your five things for this week? 

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