Embrace Yourself: Learning The Basics of Meditation

This is my first "Embrace Yourself" post in a while! I loved doing these posts a while back so I thought I would bring them back and talk about meditation! I've only just recently gotten into meditation. I have a few apps that I liked to use to guide my meditation. One I really like is "Breathe" and the "Daily Yoga" app also has a few guided meditations. I like guided ones because it helps me not lose focus too much while meditating. 

While meditation is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, it does require focus and dedication, if you get it down you can soon meditate anytime, anywhere. Meditation is used to help gain self-awareness and, what I meditate for, relaxation. If you can, 20 minutes a day of meditation and you'll find yourself getting a lot of benefits like relaxation, you can reduce your anxiety, and increase your confidence. 

Benefits of Meditation
There are many benefits to meditation, both long term and short term. Like I've already said, you'll find relaxation and reduce your stress. After you meditate, you'll find you're probably a little tired, and that's normal. However, as you go about your day you'll find that you actually have a little more energy that before you meditated. Once you have been meditating a while and you get into it, you'll find that you'll get some clarity mentally, you'll be able to concentrate better, and you'll feel more balanced emotionally. You might even find that you're feeling more creative! 

After meditating regularly for a month or two you'll probably even find that you can handle tough situations in your life better and more effectively. You'll be able to be more connected to your life and be able to go with the flow. You'll feel more grounded and be able to connect better with the people you're in close personal relationships. Many people find that after they start meditating they make more positive decisions in their life. 

Making Time in Your Day
Once you make the decision to begin to meditate, it's important to make a daily routine and make time in your day to meditate, that way you really get the benefits. When you start to meditate, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit. Most gurus don't recommend sitting on a bed, but honestly, I do because that's what's most comfortable for me. Make sure all distractions are away. If you're using an app for guided meditation, turn your ringer and vibration off. Lock everyone out of the room you're in. 

Sit up straight and if you can't do that for 10 to 20 minutes, sit up against the wall. You can use a "mantra" to help focus your attention, or if it's your thing, a prayer. I took a meditation class once and the mantra was "I am all there is". On the inhale say "I am" on the exhale say "all there is". It's supposed to help give you self confidence and awareness. It's completely normal for your attention to waver. Don't get upset at yourself. Just gently bring your attention back to meditation, your breath or your mantra. 

You Can Do it Anywhere
It's hard to believe, but you can seriously meditate anywhere. I've heard people say that you know you've gotten meditation down pat if you can meditate on the subway. I don't know if I could do that, but it's definitely beneficial if you can. If you need a few minutes of relaxation while at work and you have an office or cubicle, it might be easy to be able to mediate. However, if you don't you can go out to your car or a quite spot during your lunch or during a break. At first it may seem hard to meditate with the sounds of your work behind you, but you'll get used to it in no time! 

What do you like about meditation? If you haven't tried it, are you going to give it a go now?

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