Five Things

I haven't done a Five Things post in who knows how long. They were always my favorite posts so I thought it would be a good start for me to get back into the groove of things around here.

This week was my first week of summer! I was so glad to get some time away from school and studying. I needed some time to just spend on getting the house organized, spending some time with Kayla and Koda and getting caught up on some freelance work. I wasn't able to go home this weekend for Mother's Day because of my work schedule, so Koda and I spent our first weekend alone. We went on many walks along the trail on the river, I got a lot (A LOT) of cleaning and organizing done), Koda got to go out and run around our "back yard" while I finally got to finish my book. Oh and I happened to finish all four seasons of scandal that was on Netflix.

I worked on Monday so that took up most of the day. Then on Tuesday I spent the WHOLE day organized and unpacking everything from our second room/my office. I bought a desk a while ago but I didn't use it often because I couldn't stand to be in an unorganized room. Now (mostly) everything is organized in drawers and/or shoved in the closet. So now I have a great workspace to (hopefully) motivate me to get back to blogging! Wednesday I worked from 9-6. We moved around our ENTIRE showroom so it was a full 8 hours of moving furniture. Then yesterday I spent most of the day trying to get caught up on my freelance work. Today, I'm doing some things around the blog here, more freelance work, and then probably going to the mall and hanging out with Kayla and our friends.

So what are my five things for this week?

1 - Beach// Tomorrow Kayla, Koda and I are heading to the beach! Luckily, we're only about an hour and a half from the closest dog friendly beach so we're planning on having a little day trip! We're packing some food and plenty of things to keep Koda busy and we're going to spend the day on the beach and hiking on a nearby trail. I'm excited to have a day away and to go to the beach!

2 - Yoga// I'm finally getting back into yoga. I've made it a goal to try and do even just a few poses of yoga a day. So far, I'm succeeding. I really really miss my yoga studio back home. If you're a new reader, I worked at a yoga studio last summer and I got to be at the yoga studio all day and I got to take free classes at night. So I pretty much lived there over the summer. It's been sad being away but I'm trying to get into my own groove here at home.

3 - Stolen Prey by John Sanford//As I mentioned above, I finally finished "Cinderella Murder" by Mary Higgins Clark. It was pretty good. I really didn't suspect the twist at the end! I wish I had started it when I had more time to read so I could have read it all at once. Any who, I started "Stolen Prey" by John Sanford. It's about a cop who is investigating some pretty horrific murders of an entire family. They think it's drug related but they're not sure how or why. The book isn't quite what I thought it was going to be when I bought it but the writing is great and I'm interested to see where it ends up so I'm going to keep reading!

4 - Scandal// I said earlier that I finished Scandal but I couldn't not talk about it more. This show is crazy. I have only seen four seasons and I know the fifth one is on right now so I have to wait until it's on Netflix. I FLEW through it. I'm embarrassed to admit that I finished all four seasons in a little over two weeks. It was so good and every time I finished an episode I HAD to keep watching. It was too good. So if you're looking for a new series, Scandal should definitely be next on the list!

5 - What If YOU Couldn't Use the Bathroom?// With all this bathroom mess that's going on in North Carolina (I am ashamed to even be living here), I think Ingrid hits the nail on the head. Transgender individuals just want to use the restroom. They gotta go just like you gotta go. With this new law (that is actually causing NC to get sued by the Obama Administration and the Feds) requires transgender individuals to go into the bathroom that aligns with their birth gender. This can cause some issues. You've been using the bathroom with transgender individuals probably your whole life and you haven't even noticed. So what do you think it's going to be like for transgender men to go back into the women's restroom? Those people that are saying "I'll knock the teeth out of men who go into the women rooms" are now going to believe that a man is going into the woman's restroom.

People like to use the argument "we need to protect women and children". What about transgender children and teens who are ashamed of who they are and they are only reassured of those bad feelings because of all of the adults that are having this "pissing match"? A scary statistic: 50% of transgender individuals attempt suicide as opposed to the 2% of nontransgender individuals. Instead of getting angry about places like Target who are standing up to this bill and saying you're going to violently attack someone who is trying to pee, how about you step back and think about how this and your big, loud opinions are affecting these people? They're human and they have feelings.

Okay, I'll step off of my soap box now.

What are your five things for this week?

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