Accomplishments of 2015

This year has been pretty amazing, even though I didn't realize it while it when it was happening. I was going through the lists that I have published on my blog, I realized I have done quite a lot this year.

I finished my freshman year of college. 

My family got a new kitty named Sanders.

I got my first real job this summer at my favorite yoga studio. 

I started my sophomore year of college. 

Kayla and I adopted a puppy

I turned 20 year old. 

Kayla and I celebrated four years together. 

I actually started liking sushi.

I received my letter today on my acceptance into the professional Interior Design program. I could not be happier knowing that I get to continue and finish my education on something that I love. 

And I'm ending 2015 with Kayla, my best friends and my two favorite puppies tomorrow evening. 

While I didn't know while it was happening, 2015 was a great year and I CANNOT wait to see how 2016 is going to end up! 

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