How To Embrace Your Past

Whether it's physical harm to yourself, mental disorders, or something less serious, like that ex you totally regret ever even looking at, or how you used to look (that extra chub, and wait, who never taught me to put on makeup?!), everyone at some point in their lives needs to learn how to embrace their past and everything they've been through. No matter what it is, there's probably still something in the back of your mind holding you back from growing, and moving on from whatever it is in your past.

Embracing your past is really hard to do. There are times when you think about a single instance in your past and just get so mad at yourself and think "why did I ever do that, act like that, look like that, let ____ walk all over me like that, etc?" But when you have those thoughts you are preventing yourself from ever moving forward.

When it comes to myself, I think about my depression, anxiety, how I look(ed), and more. I can go days or weeks without even thinking about my past, or my (still existing) depression and anxiety. When I'm extremely busy with school, work, exercise, family, or Kayla everything else gets pushed out of my mind except what I'm focusing on. I'll think I'm doing good. "Oh, I haven't had a melt down in ____" "Wow, I've been doing really good with social anxiety." "I've tried ____ many new things." But within a day of having those thoughts, it seems like I take a complete turn. School work builds up and I start crying from frustration, I miss Kayla so I lay in bed and do nothing, I suddenly freeze up when getting my order taken at restaurants, instead of asking a friend to hang out, I lay in bed because I'm scared of rejection.

Every single day it's a struggle for me to embrace who I am and my past. It's a work in progress. There are many things you can do to learn to (start to) embrace your past.

Journal// This is seriously my tip for literally everything. If you just write in your journal "_____ is bothering me today" "I hate when I _____" "I wish____" Just write everything you're feeling down. Because I know for me, keeping it in just makes everything worse. If I don't write down my problems I go absolutely insane. It really helps to get everything out right on paper so it's not all bottled up in your head and you can start making sense of things.

Delete, delete, delete// If a picture of you and your ex triggers you, delete it. If you hate the way you look in that picture, delete it. If seeing this person's posts makes you upset/angry, delete them or unfollow them. Take down all of the things in your life that reminds you of something negative so you aren't constantly reminded of said thing.

Meditate or Yoga// As you know, I worked at a yoga studio, and I loved it. The whole atmosphere is so relaxing,  and the people are super nice. Once you actually begin yoga, the music is relaxing, the moves you're doing are helping your body and mind, and at the end, you lay down and the instructor gives sort of a guided meditation. I've only gone twice, but each time after, I feel so relaxed, so relieved and a much better person. I feel like I can take on anything. This could really help getting you to calm yourself down and become a much in the moment person. Also, I have this app called "Headspace". It consists of 10 days of ten-minute meditations. It's awesome. He guides you through the entire thing and you can really tell a difference after the 10 days is up. I usually do it right before I fall asleep to calm me down and relax me.

Know Your Worth// I see so many people every day that hate who they are and be little themselves because of their self doubt, what other people say or whatever. But, (I know this is so standard for people to say) you are wonderful. You are perfect. Just because someone says you're ____ doesn't mean you are, unless you want to be. Just because you have acne doesn't mean that you're not pretty. Just because you're a little overweight doesn't mean you're not pretty. Just because you have scars or stretch marks doesn't mean you're not pretty. Just because your ex moved on quickly doesn't mean that he/she didn't like you and you're not worthy of moving on also. You are wonderful, you are you. You need to realize that and remember that every day. Put up sticky notes on your mirror that say, "You are beautiful" "I am perfect" or whatever you see fit. Just know your self worth.

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