Five Things

1 - New Species// Wow. This is crazy. There was a new species of human discovered in South Africa. What do you guys think?

2 - Dog Park// Koda finally can go to the dog park! She got her shots that allow her to go to the dog park (and even walk more than a few feet from the house without worrying she's going to get parvo). We're so excited because I know that she'll love it. She loves dogs so we're hoping she goes and gets a ton of energy out!

3 - Study, Study, Study// I had two tests this week (Wednesday and Thursday) so I've been spending the whole week studying my butt off! I'm glad it's finally over, BUT I have two tests again next week. Back to the grind!

4 - Life Skills Checklist// This is a great thing for parents (and kids for themselves even) to make sure they are really prepared for the real world! I do actually know how to do most of them. However, I do want to make sure I know how to change a car tire!

5 - Interview// I had an interview at a salon on Friday! I think it went pretty well. Wish me luck that I get a call back!

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What are your five things for this week?

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