Five Things

It has been an extremely long week! What have I been up to?

1 - Koda// So huge announcement! I've been waiting to make this until we knew for sure everything was going to work out. But Kayla and I adopted a sweet 11 week old German Shepard Mix. I'm SO in love with her! She's a LOT of work, but she's so worth it. Koda (like the bear in Brother Bear) is so sweet and so smart.

She gets lazy when she eats, lol. 

She LOVES her puppy. It was originally Kayla's stuffed animal, but she claimed it as her own. 

2 - Birthday// Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm turning 20! I haven't really decided what I want to do yet. I want something Kayla, our friend Jennifer, Koda and I can do together!

3 - 30 Images You Can't Erase// There are just some things you can't erase from your memory! These images are funny and honestly I never even knew most of these before!

4 - Lavender Lemonade// I've never heard of lavender lemonade but it looks so good! It actually reduces anxiety too! You can get the recipe here.

5 - Good For You by Selena Gomez// Okay, I'm completely obsessed with this song! I have always really liked Selena but recently her music has gotten even better!

What are your five things?


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