What To Do in Your Free Time This Summer

It's summer! Yay! No more school, textbooks, or dorm rooms that are way too small. As you know, I'm going to be working this summer, but with only working 3 days a week (for now) I find myself actually having a lot of free time on my hands! Too often I find myself wanting to lay in bed and watch endless episodes of 30 Rock! But, I know I could find way better ways to spend my free time this summer!

1 - Go out on the lake, river, ocean, etc// Luckily I live in a town with a lake, so it's super easy to find someone with a boat, and spend the day on the lake. It's SO much fun when you're just hanging out with your friends. And if you're more adventurous than I, you can even go tubing, and it looks super fun! Oh, and make sure you reapply sunscreen about ever four seconds. I learned my lesson yesterday.

2 - Pick up a new hobby, or revisit an old one// I used to LOVE making scrapbooks. For a couple birthdays in a row, I received a bunch of scrapbook supplies that have thus collected a lot of dust. However, I recently got the idea of putting all of Kayla and I's old memories (think ticket stubs, old receipts, brochures from places we've visited) into a scrapbook! It's one of my goals for this summer!

3 - Yoga// Are you guys sick of me listing this in every list yet? I just love me some yoga! Yoga is SO great because you don't even have to go to a yoga studio (even though I really, really recommend it) to have a good practice. You can set up "shop" in your room, living room, etc and still get all of the benefits. It's a good, relaxing way to spend 30 minutes to an hour, and if you pick the right pose, you will feel like you got a good workout too!

4 - Read// Summer is the perfect time to make a huge dent in the book list I'm sure you have. Read a chapter or two in the morning, before you go to bed, and whenever you have some free time you would like to relax in! I've already finished two books and working on my third!

5 - Impromptu Mini Vaca// When you have some free time a couple of days in a row, it's a perfect time to take a mini trip to the closet beach, mountains or if you're in a long distance relationship currently like me, visit your SO! I'm taking a trip to Greenville (I'm not only missing Kayla, but also my second home, ECU!) in a couple weeks to help Kayla set up her new apartment, celebrate my BFF's birthday, and obviously spend some time with Kayla because I miss her so much.

6 - Explore// Exploring could mean anything for you! Maybe go exploring around the parts of your town, or neighboring towns, that you haven't visited. Maybe exploring new foods or recipes. Exploring could mean many, many things. So GO EXPLORE!

What are you doing in your free time this summer?

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