Five Things

1 - OITNB// IT'S BACK! Orange is the New Black was supposed to start being able to stream on Netflix today, but they released it for "good behavior" last night! I've already watched the first two episodes and wow! I've missed this show so much. If you haven't watched OITNB yet, then you definitely should start!

2 - Stella and Dot Fall Preview// Stella and Dot's Fall preview was released and I think I'm going to have to update my wishlist. You HAVE to check it out! (I receive compensation when you click the banner below).

3 - Stress Relief Lotion// During a recent sale at Bath and Body Works, the big bottles of the Aromatherapy lotions were on sale for $6 (!!!!). So I had to grab me one. I got the "Stress Relief" Eucalyptus Tea and I LOVE IT! IT smells so good. And whatever is in there really does calm you down! I definitely recommend you trying it out when you stop into BBW next! (I'm not being compensated - I just really love BBW)

4 - YouTube Channel// Kayla and I have discussed getting a Youtube Channel together! I think it would be really fun, and you guys would get to meet Kayla! We would also add a few videos on our own, pertaining to each of our individual interests. What do you think?!

5 - Kids React to Caitlyn Jenner// This video is SO cute and sweet. This is how everyone should react to things that they don't understand or that is different from them. We can learn a lot of compassion from these kids. 

What You Missed:

What are your five things for this week?

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