Relaxation Box

A while ago, I'm not sure where, I saw the idea for a "relaxation box" and I thought it was the best idea! During college, it can get really stressful, so I've created my own in hopes to help myself in a couple of months when things start to get crazy!

So, what's in my relaxation box?

The box Kayla gave me (with a bunch of stuff in it) for our two year anniversary. Inside I have stress relief lotion, sugar scrub, a face mask, chocolate, candles, nail polish and a little notebook.

When I'm stressed out and want to relax, I love to pamper myself, hence the sugar scrub, face mask and nail polish! This is just the stuff that I like, and makes me relaxed.

I also have candles (who doesn't love candles?) that are actually chakra aligning candles! And I love chocolate so I had to throw in some Dove dark chocolate with almonds.

Because I like to get my feelings out, I put in a little notebook to be able to just jot down a few of my feelings without having to write a complete journal entry!

The point of this box is to put things into here that will relax you and make you happy when you open it! Put whatever you love into this box and make it your own!

Do you have something similar? What do you have in it?


  1. This is such an awesome idea! I've got killer anxiety so I'm trying this asap :)

    1. I have really bad anxiety too, and this has has helped!


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