What I Learned My freshman Year Of College

It's official: my freshman year at East Carolina is over. I finished my last exam yesterday, and I'm moving out in the morning. It's so surreal, I really feel like I JUST moved in. I was packing my dorm a few minutes ago, and I was looking around and I could not believe I was just doing the opposite about 9 months ago! I've learned a lot of things my Freshman year. Here is just some of them:

You will never wear anything other than t-shirts and leggings to class. 
First semester I had an exercise class Monday, Wednesday, Friday so obviously I didn't dress up on those days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I had class at 9am. And let me tell you, it's hard to want to get up early and fix yourself up. With that being said,

You won't wear all 50 of your t-shirts that you bring. 
If you're like me you own about 50 t-shirts. T-Shirts from high school, college t-shirts and anything you've collected through the years. I ended up wearing about the same 10 and every time I washed my clothes, they would just stay at the top, so I hardly ever dug down deep in my drawer to find one that I hardly ever wore.

You may or may not meet people on your hall. 
You know how everyone says that your friends are where you live? It really wasn't that way for me at all. I NEVER talked to anyone on my hall. Ever. The first day my next door neighbors stopped by and introduced themselves-and we never said another word again. It really depends on your hall, and your RA. Honestly, I wish I would have met the people on my hall, it would have been fun to hang out and have friends that lived with me. But, oh well!

You will be annoyed with your roommate. 
I roomed with one of my best friends since 5th grade, and yeah. She still got on my last nerves. But I would have been surprised if she hadn't. It's a really really small room, and trust me, it gets really cramped, really fast. You and your roommate could be the best of friends, but you will still get annoyed with them from time to time and that's okay. 

You will get sick of the dining halls, really fast. 
I kind of already suspected that would happen. But I didn't realize how fast it would happen. Our dining hall has pretty much the same thing every single and day, and it gets old, really really really fast. So I, naturally, started going to the other dining locations (they include a burger place, a Mexican place, two Italian places, Panda Express, two Chick-Fil-A's and two Subways). One of the Chick-Fil-A's is right by where I have my Interior Design classes (where I spend 3-5 hours in everyday) so I began to just eat Chick-Fil-A nonstop. I cannot wait to not eat Chick-Fil-A for a summer (and definitely the dining halls)

You will be tired 98% of the time.
There is so much to do ALL of the time. And if you don't have homework or studying to do, there's events, parties, the clubs and bars, friends, and so much more. You will get roped into stay up until 2AM with your friends when you have class in the morning. Resulting in you being extremely tired. But, in the end, something similar happens again or you have a paper to write, so you're staying up late again. It's a vicious cycle that never ends. And even when you do begin to sleep on a correct schedule, you still will be tired, don't worry.

You will get homesick, but you'll be glad you're here. 
My family is really close, and I miss them a lot when I'm here. But at the same time, I'm really happy to be where I am. I'm in college, and experiencing about a thousand things at one time. Plus, now that I'm not living with them, time spent with them is much more special. It's the worst when you first get dropped off, but after that, you'll be so busy, the only time you'll have to think about missing home is at bedtime.

You will procrastinate, no matter how organized, ambitious, and driven you are. 
I hate not doing my work. I get severe anxiety when I'm doing something and I could be spending my time better. But I've learned that comes and goes. Because I quickly found myself watching hours and hours of Dexter or Vampire Diaries when I should have been working on my drawing or studying for a test. It was bound to happen, I tried to push it off for as long as possible, but in the end procrastination got the best of me sometimes.

You will make some amazing friends in your classes, and then never talk to them again. 
I learned this the hard way. ECU has 26,000+ students, so it's pretty difficult to have a class with someone again unless you're in the same major or minor. I met some really awesome people that I loved during class time, but after class was over, that was it. I didn't talk to them again. After first semester and I saw one of those "friends" you would say hey but as second semester went on, even that stopped, and that's okay. 

You will make some unexpected friends. 
I met one of my best friends through my ex-best friend. He (let's call him S) had an acquaintance (O) and moved in with O. My now best friend, Jennifer, was O's roommate. It's a weird situation, and it probably doesn't even make any sense, but after a falling out with S, Kayla, Jennifer and I became best friends. I honestly never expected to make a friend like that, but it turns out she's my best friend!

What did you learn this school year?

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