Five Things

1 - Move Out// Yesterday I moved out of my freshman year dorm! I cannot believe it! I seriously feel like I was just moving in last week. My freshman year literally FLEW! I've missed the comfort of my room at home though. I'm also staying in the exact same dorm next year, so I'll be fine being away from it for a few months! I'm sad about being away from Kayla and my other friends all summer though. I'm the only Freshman, and the only person living in the dorms, out of my friends, so everyone else is staying while I'm forced to move out!

2 - Unpacking// I tried the best I could to unpack everything yesterday when I got back but oh my goodness, I had a lot of stuff. I ended up just shoving things in drawers and into my closet just so I could have the illusion of having a clean room. My day is going to be spent trying to get everything in order so I can have organization for the next 3-4 months!

3 - Job// So it's official! I have a job as a front desk assistant in my favorite yoga studio in my hometown! I'm so so so excited. I start on Monday and I can't wait! It's my first real job, and I think this is the perfect one!

4 - Study for This Long// Kirsten is back with some great advice! I used this study method last week on my exams and I could definitely tell I retained information much faster! Check out her blog for some more awesome tips!

5 - Elena Gilbert's Final Episode// I cannot believe that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is no longer going to be on the Vampire Diaries. Watch this heartbreaking trailer showing her final episode!

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What are your five things for this week?

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  1. I'm moving out of my freshman year dorm on Tuesday, its so bittersweet!


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