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Finals are getting closer and closer. I can tell that by the immense amount of work and stress I've been under this week! All the teachers are giving out their final assignments, study guides and last minute notes so now is the time to organize them all and begin studying! Over the next few weeks I'm going to be sharing a lot of new finals and studying posts - completely different than the ones I did last semester. But you can check those out on the Finals Cheat Sheet post I posted on Monday!

1 - Marilyn Monroe Death// Apparently an old CIA agent admitted on his death bed to killing Marilyn Monroe. I'm completely obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. My junior year of high school I did two research papers, two speeches and a project on her. I've always wanted to know how she died - because it's one of the biggest conspiracy theories and controversies. No one knows how she died. Except maybe him. What do you think?

2 - Twin Strangers// I watched this on Facebook and I was blown away! Especially after watching Vampire Diaries and seeing all of the doppleganger madness. They seriously look like twins. BUT THEY'RE NOT RELATED!

3 - Lilly for Target// Lilly Pulitzer comes to Target on Sunday! And I couldn't be more excited!! I have a feeling I'm going to be spending all of my money. Because $38 Lilly dresses?!? How can I pass that up? Or maybe a bathing suit?

4 - This handsome man// This is my best friend's dog and I'm in LOVE. We stole him today to take him to the dog park and to eat on campus with him while his mom is at work. 


5 - MKTO// MKTO is coming to ECU next Thursday for an annual event called "Barefoot on the Mall". It's usually a huge concert with a ton of students from ECU and it's free! If you don't know MKTO it's the band that sings Classic! 

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What are your five things for this week?

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