Benefits to Group Fitness Classes

As you may know, I have a pass for my campus rec center's group fitness classes and honestly, it was probably the best thing I've done so far in college! I'm much more motivated to go workout when I have a specific class I'm going to. Before I started going to fitness classes with my mom, I was literally terrified to go. What if everyone is judging me? What if I don't know what to do? Well I'm going to tell you, that it will literally change your life!

Motivation// It's so much easier to get motivated when a instructor keeps yelling "keep it up", "stay with us", and "think of that beach body" than it is to just start at the treadmill monitor for an hour.

Learning// When you take group classes you try new workouts or exercises that you might not have before. If maybe one day you won't be able to make it to a class, but you'll have a more developed workout now than you would have before.

Comparison// You're really not supposed to look to other people in classes and compare yourself to them, but in some cases it can be helpful. Let's say you don't know what a move is, but if you look around the room it can be helpful to get guidance on what you're doing. Only compare if it's educational for you!

The Planning// Does anyone else write down or mentally plan out your workout before heading to the gym? 15 minutes of the treadmill, 15 minutes of the elliptical, abs, arms, etc...But does it ever get ruined because someone is hogging a machine too long, or you don't feel like doing something one day? That's the beauty of group fitness classes. You don't have to think about anything! All you have to remember is your water, and the time and place of the class. Everything else is planned out for you.

Intensity// Often times, I'm way too easy on myself at the gym. I get a little bit tired and, nope, I'm done. But with group fitness classes, they tell you how many reps, give you weight suggestions, etc, so you can go easy on yourself, but you are more likely to take their suggestions. Plus, once you're there and you have all of your weights, benches, mats, etc all laid out, chances are you won't pack up and leave early in hopes not to disturb everyone else.

What are benefits to other types of working out?

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  1. Group fitness classes are a lot of fun to go to with friends! :] They're great for when you want to switch up your usual routine too!


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