Ten-Minute Morning

In college (actually even more in high school) I got used to taking 10 minutes or less to get ready. In high school getting up at 6AM was not an option for someone who needed over 9 hours of sleep at night. To get to school at 7:30 my sister and I couldn't leave the house later than 7:20. So, I RARELY got out of bed earlier than 7AM. I had a few tips that I kept in mind getting up in the morning and also the night before. If you get really good, your "ten minute morning" could be less than ten minutes!

The Night Before// 
Clothes - I cannot stress how much time it will save you if you pick out your clothes the         night before. Yes, your mom used to do this for you when you were little, but honestly, it's so much smarter to set your clothes out because even if you're quick at picking out clothes, it'll save you at least 5 minutes. Also, you'll be more likely to pick out something that isn't yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Hair - Still to this day if I want my hair to look somewhat okay, I take a shower, put product in it and straighten or curl it, if I'm going to. It saves (me) about 30 minutes to an hour just by straightening my hair the night before!

School Supplies - I can't tell you how many times I've woken up super late and only to find that I left my charger plugged in by my bed, my laptop on the chair downstairs, and where the hell is my English folder?!? Save all of that time by making sure your book bag is packed and ready to go so you can just grab and go!

In the Morning// 

Wash - Something to never ever skip on is washing your face and (obviously) brushing your teeth. Make this a little bit easier by having some wipes that are pre-wet so all you have to do is swipe and go. Now, moisturize and brush your teeth!

Makeup - Save time by only doing what's important. Foundation, concealer, mascara - yes. But do you need a perfectly winged eyeliner for your 50 minute English class or going to class in high school? I can answer that for you - no. Swipe on a little bit of eye shadow to make it sort of look like you tried and make your eyes pop by adding a couple of layers of mascara.

Hair - Luckily, you straightened or curled your hair if you were going to, so if that's the case then you're good to go! If not, one hairstyle I love that is so super easy is a braided top bun. Put your hair into a pony tail on the very top of your head. Separate that pony tail into two even parts and braid each of them, securing with small rubber bands at the end. Next, wrap those braids around each other around the base of your ponytail. Secure with another ponytail holder. Hairspray so it stays in place.

Clothes - Now it's time to just slip on the clothes you picked out the night before. I chose to do this last so I can change out of my PJs at the very last second! This should take no time, because the hard work is done for you.

Now grab your book bag and you're out of the door! Good luck!

Do you have any tips on a super quick morning?

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