Five Things

I've had a great week at home, just taking it easy, watching a lot of movies, and studying. I've missed just hanging out around my family and doing next to nothing. But today, I'm on my way back to reality, and a lot of lab work I could not do at home...

1 - Hair Washing// I saw this article on Facebook the other day and I honestly read through the whole thing. Washing my hair is definitely something I can never decide on how I want to do it. I know you're not supposed to wash it every day, it makes it unhealthy. But how much or how little are you supposed to? I have super thick, super curly (aka super knotty) hair. So if I was my hair every other day, it's already a little bit greasy and a lot of bit knotty. I can never make myself wash my hair every day because now that I know it's not healthy for your hair, I get super anxious about it. Do you wash your hair everyday? Every other day? Interesting to see how often or how little celebs in this article wash their hair.

2 - Spring Break// I left for ECU today from my week at home. It's always great to come home and spend some much needed time with my family. I hadn't been home in a month, and it sure felt like it the second that I walked through the door. I've missed sleeping in my own bed and knowing what's going on in my family's lives. For the first three days I was home all we did was lay on the couches and watch movie after movie after movie. It was definitely a much needed rest! Now back to the real world....

3 - Koma Drinks// The other day Kayla and I were in Walmart and just so happened to run across a display case of Koma drinks. I grabbed the regular one, and also the 0 cal can. I'm really interested in seeing how well they work. They're supposed to relax and calm you, while making you tired. They say it's the opposite of coffee, which I definitely drink too much of during the day. I'm definitely excited about how they're going to work! Has anyone else tried them?

4 - Bachelorette// Who else watches the Bachelor? I've been anxiously waiting for the "After the Final Rose" so we can finally find out who is the Bachelorette. I was hoping and praying that it was going to be Kaitlyn. I LOVED her. She was hilarious, down to earth, and she's definitely gorgeous. I thought she would make a great Bachelorette. Low and behold, Kaitlyn AND Britt are going to be the Bachelorette?!?! I'm super anxious to see how this is going to turn out. Double the Bachelorettes, double the drama!

5 - Tiny Hamsters in a Tiny Mansion// I shared a video similar to this a few weeks back and honestly these hamsters are still cute as ever! Just watch them below:

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What are your five things for this week?

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