Spring Cleaning Your Entire Life

One of my favorite things about spring is spring-cleaning. I love to re-organize my stuff and de-clutter my life! I’m sure there are a thousand and a half blog posts about spring-cleaning already, but hopefully I can offer something a little more for you guys!

Closet// Before I went to college, I wrote a post about cleaning out my closet and drawers.  Honestly, I feel like I could benefit from doing that about every single day, or at least every couple of months. I couldn’t tell you how many ECU t-shirts I own that are just taking up space in my dorm that I could literally never get through enough to wear. Read that post up there to get a little more detailed about cleaning your closet.

Desk// Cleaning out your desk is definitely, definitely important. If you’re like me, you suffer from “I own way too many notebooks, pens, stickies and highlighters” disease. But honestly how many of those pens or highlighters are dried out? Test out all of those markers, pens, etc. Throw away any notebooks that are used up, or if you don’t want to necessarily throw them away, store them somewhere where you won’t see them a lot.

Under The Bed// At home, I don’t really have a lot under my bed. I have a Sleep Number air mattress bed, so the pumps are under the bed. I also have some old Seventeen magazines that I like to keep just incase I want to make a collage or something! But at school, both of my dressers, my food storage, and my fish take accessories, and luggage are under my bed. Plus, there is a ton of stuff that is sitting on top of my dressers. Such as my dishes, my printer, my coffee, creamer and sugar since it’s right next to my fridge and Keurig. If you have anything under your bed, when I was younger I used to have a lot of trash, would now be a good time to clean it out!

Book bag// Sometimes I look at people’s book bags and I want to cringe. If you have random papers floating around in your book bag that have a home, but seem to not be able to find it, maybe it’s time to reunite them. I tend to also have a lot of gum wrappers floating around my book bag also, so now is the perfect time to get rid of all of that!

Digital Life// Anyone and everyone can benefit from spring-cleaning their digital lives. I’m currently in the process of trying to clean out my digital life in all aspects! I’m going to break it down into categories:

Twitter – I cannot be the only one that follows people that I honestly don’t know and/or don’t car to see their updates. To be completely honest, I do this about once a month. I prefer not to see negativity on my timeline, and I also don’t want to be angry or upset while I’m looking at twitter, so I’ll unfollow anyone that does anything like that!
Instagram – Same goes for Instgram as Twitter. Unfollow those people that post too much, or you just don’t care to see. Why allow yourself to still follow people you just don’t care about?

Pinterest – This aspect for me, would probably be the hardest thing ever. I have over 16,000 pins. But, I know it’s definitely absolutely necessary. I know I have so many pins that I thought I would like, but I know I’ll never use. I’m sure I also have a lot of repeat pins too. I think it would be beneficial to go through and delete all of those.

Email – I know I get about 10+ emails a day from brands, companies, and random others that I have no idea how in the world I got stuck with receiving emails from. Take the time to unsubscribe to all of those unwanted email newsletters (except for mine) and you’ll thank yourself later. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, to keep my inbox with no emails in my inbox. It’s helpful if you have Gmail to have labels that you can drop your emails you don’t want to delete into that label. Folders in Yahoo work just the same!

Phone – This is probably going to be the toughest part. In my phone I have tons of pictures, notes in the notes app, text messages, and apps that I don’t need. I’m definitely, definitely a photo hoarder. Because what if it somehow gets deleted from my iCloud and several folders I have them in, on my computer?!?!?! I know it’s highly unlikely, but it’s one of my anxiety things. If you have a computer or laptop, take the time to move over your photos onto your computer, into folders or iCloud, as your computer probably has more memory than your phone.

Computer – Okay, confession time. How messy and unorganized is your desktop on your computer? Now is the time to make folders on your desktop, and then folders within your folders, etc. Anything to get you organized. I have so many folders. I have a School folder from there I can choose First Semester and Second Semester, and in each of those I have each of my classes. And each of those, I have Projects, Assignments, etc folders. But, that’s just me. Whatever works for you. I also have a folder for my blog and a folder for just pictures I want to keep that are also extremely and meticulously organized. Now is also a good time to go through all your existing folders and trash everything you don’t need!

Okay, I went extremely detailed, but honestly I love organizing and spring-cleaning, so I thought I would help y’all out! Enjoy and let me know how the results are!


  1. Great tips! I need to do some of these things, though I'm methodical about keeping my computer super organized!


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