Five Things

The first five things of 2015! I hope everyone had a great New Year! This week has been good. Honestly I haven't done much other than schedule a bunch of posts for when I go back next week. Kayla and I took a day/overnight trip to ECU so she could feed her snakes and we could spend some time with our friends. It was pretty fun!

Today I'm going shopping with my aunt and uncle for my sister and I's Christmas present. I go back to school next Saturday and I have really mixed feelings. I love ECU and I love college but, home is home. I'm going to miss my family, my kitty, my bed and REAL FOOD.

Here are my five things for this week!

1 - Newsletter// I've been thinking about this a lot. I've gone back and forth on the idea of having a newsletter a lot, but I figured the first of the year is a good of time as any to start one. Basically what this newsletter will be is an extension of this blog. I'll write inspiration emails and send them straight to you. If you would like to get my newsletter straight to your inbox (and don't worry, I'll only send them once a week on Sunday evenings) fill out the form below. The first newsletter will go out on Sunday. You don't want to miss it!

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2 - Beeboard// Leeboards are the thinnest rechargeable bluetooth keyboard in the world. It's a full size bluetooth keyboard you can carry with you anywhere. You know the selling point for me? It's waterproof. So those late-night study sessions where you have 2+ Cups of coffee? No more worrying if it spills! Each charge lasts 30 DAYS! It works with iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows phones and tables. Oh, and you know those moth barrel containers from Breaking Bad? It comes in one of those for free storage!

3 - MailTime// Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your email inbox? There's too many emails, you don't know where they are and it takes forever to find things. MailTime is a new messaging style email app. This is what the description says on the app store -

"MailTime makes email on your smartphone more like the smooth experience of text messaging. By reformatting and summarizing your email in a chat-like view -- plus helping you more easily assign and track tasks directly in your email -- MailTime helps you become more productive and less stressed in your email inbox.

I personally have it and it makes my life so much easier!

4 - How You Can Help a Blogger// I was doing my daily reading of blogs and I came across this post from Page by Paige! Everything she includes is so accurate! If you like reading my blog, and other blogs and you would like to do more for us, read this post and learn how you can help us out!

5 - Taylor Swiftmas// I saw this video on Facebook and when I watched it, I couldn't help but cry. I've always loved Taylor Swift, and though she was sweet and down to earth, but this just furthered that!

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What are your five things from this week?

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