Daily Blog Roll

Reading Carly from The College Prepster's blog was honestly the reason why I started this little blog of mine. Somehow, someway I started finding more and more blogs that I love and read every single day. I usually read them at night before I go to bed. Each of these ladies do a great job with every post they publish. If you like reading my blog, you'll definitely love these!

Obviously I read the College Prepster. And if you're in the blog world, you probably do too. Carly is always making the most amazing posts full of advice, inspiration, organization, and obviously prep.

Caitlin from Southern Curls and Pearls always has the best fashion posts. I look at her posts each day and I instantly want to raid her closet! If you need some inspiration, definitely check out her blog!
Mostly Morgan is written by (obviously) Morgan. I love her organizational and college tip posts. That's actually how I found her. I also love her bucket list posts!
I love Gina's blog because it's so inspiring! She is always posting tips on how to be minimalistic, creative and just the best self you can be, and I love that! 
If you have a blog, and you're looking for some blog tips, check out Jessica at Seeking Individuality! One of her posts actually helped me create my sticky navigation bar up there!
It's no secret that I love Kirsten from Organized Charm's blog! She (obviously) has the best organizing, and studying tips! Seriously, if you need to organize your life, visit Organized Charm!

Ellen from Pop of Pink is great. I love her fashion and beauty posts, with lots of pictures included in them! I also love her "What I'm Into" posts! 

Page by Paige is a great blog if you want a little bit of everything! I'm always surprised by what she puts up! And everything is always great!

What blogs do you read daily? I'm always looking for sone new ones!


  1. There are alot of book blogs I read daily! Usually in the morning with my coffee ;)

    I used to read College Prepster every day, now not so much :( I've seen her bully her fans numerous times and I was over it.

    1. I read them with my coffee also!!

      Hm. Wow, I've never heard of that! I've always thought she was sweet! I'll have to check into that then.

  2. Carly is literally my hero too! She wasn't my inspiration to start, but she's definitely an inspiration of mine.

    1. She's my hero too! I think it's amazing how she makes a living on her blog!


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