Christmas Eve Outfits

TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE! I like Christmas Eve almost as much, if not more than I like Christmas. We have so many traditions and the whole day is just so exciting. I already have planned what I'm going to wear to church and dinner, as I'm sure most of you have, but here are a few ideas of some Christmas Eve outfits you can wear tomorrow!

This is pretty similar to what I'm going to wear tomorrow. The dress I'm wearing is a little more burgundy, and it's also 3/4th's sleeves. It's supposed to be 70 degrees here in NC tomorrow so I might have to forgo the Uggs and pea coat!

If I had the green sweater and the red pumps this is probably what I would wear! I think this outfit is so simple yet so cute! This is a good outfit if you want to seem dressed up, but you still want to be comfy!

This fun outfit with the Christmas sweater is a good outfit if you're mostly just going to be hanging out around friends and want to be comfy! The green bow adds a cute preppy touch to the outfit!

This outfit is perfect if you're going somewhere fancy, or to a nice party. I love the pops of red and green and I LOVE the glittery shirt! I think this outfit is super cute. You'll definitely get a lot of complements!

What are you wearing tomorrow?


  1. Love the last outfit!! xx


  2. I love all of these! I love how there's a range from casual to more formal.


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