Five Things

This week (and the weeks to come) was and will be super stressful. Classes are wrapping up, and finals start next week. This is my first semester in college and I'm beyond stressed. The amount of studying, drawings, tests, notes, flashcards, study guides, and presentations I have before the December 18th is crazy. So I'm gonna get on with my five things this week because I have a lot to do before I can enjoy the weekend!

1 - Songza// I know this isn't really a new thing but I just really discovered it. When you head over to the website it says "Friday Morning" and it let's you choose what kind of music you want to listen to. The Holidays, Brand New Music, Having Fun at Work, Drinking Gourmet Coffee, Taking the Day off, etc. Right now I'm listening to "Having Fun at Work", and when you click on that, there's more categories. I picked "Headphones Only, Guilty Pleasures". After that I picked "'00s One Hit Wonders" and "Chain Hang Low" is playing right now! It's awesome. I definitely recommend it!

2 - Back Home Balla// This video is so funny. Anyone who is away at college and comes home for holidays, or someone who just doesn't live at home anymore and comes back, will definitely find this so relatable and so funny!

3 - ECU Football// Last night was our last home football game! I went to the first half, but it was cold (and also a Thursday and I have a 9AM) so we left. I came back to my dorm and turned on the game. In the last quarter within two minutes we got two touchdowns and regained the lead. Then in the last five seconds the other team threw the ball 65 yards for a touchdown, it was a crazy insane catch too. It was a shock, they showed the stands and literally every one had their mouth hanging open because everyone thought we had it. But, until next year my Pirates!

4 - Let It Go// Anyone who knows I love the song Let it Go from Frozen. So obviously I had to click on this video. It's so cute!!! He loves this song and you can tell. Just watch:

5 - Serial// Serial's new episode came out yesterday and I've yet to listen to it! I plan on it when I go to the dining hall after writing this post and to finish my final portfolio! What did anyone else think?

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What are your five things for this week?

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