Snapshot Sunday

I'm doing snapshot Sunday with Jess again! I liked doing it last week so I thought I would do it again!

1// I started If I Stay this week! I love it so far! It's a good book and it's written well and it's an easy read. I'm trying to read and write in my journal every night.

2// Two girls (Ester and Tanisha) from Girl Code come to ECU this week! It was literally hilarious! There were so many people but they were really funny and I had a great time!

3// This is my project I did in my Interior Design Fundamentals Lab this week. It's a "cupola" kind of thing. We had to follow her specific instructions. But I think it turned out okay!

4// It was my best friend's birthday on Friday. And it was crazy to say the least...The closest of his friends tried to get in the picture at once and it almost worked out...lol.

5// GAME DAY! Yesterday was game day in Pirate Nation and we DESTROYED UNC! It was so much fun! I can't wait to go to the next game!

6// Me with the birthday boy. I don't know why all of my pictures were out of order...

7// I had a rough day on Thursday so I treated myself to a big bowl of ice-cream and a netflix night!

8// This is one of the drawings I did this week. This actually isn't the final one, but it's close enough!

9// Again, out of order but Me with my roommate and a friend we went to the football game with!

Overall, I had a pretty great week, but the weekend was definitely the best!

What was your week/weekend like?

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