Guest Post: How to Show Love

Congratulations, doll, you've got yourself a significant other and fallen in love! If you're anything like me, the first little bit is going to be a bit of "Oh god, what do I do with this? Do I need to water it? Keep it out of the sun?" 

Your S.O. is not a house plant. Though, yeah, mine doesn't like sunlight. Gamer thing, I guess. 

So what do you do? You show them that you love them. It's amazing to tell and be told, "I love you". However, actions do speak louder than words. Relationships loose their UMPH when you stop doing things for each other. 

Here's a list of things you can do to show your S.O. that you love them! 

1. Kiss their forehead

2. Send them a text telling them how proud of them you are. How much you appreciate them. People need to know that they are making you proud with their work.

3. They're having a bad day? Surprise them with their favorite goodie/candy/flower.

4. Do what they love to do. Read what they love to read. Go where they love to go. Not because you feel obligated but because you want to share their passions. 

5. Fight fair. Nothing says "I love you" like not going bizerk during a minor argument. 

6. Don't pressure them to do anything they don't want to do. If they hate neon pink shirts, don't buy them and tell them to wear it. If they hate avocado, stop begging them to eat guacamole. 

7. Be present. Put down your phone. Look at each other when talking. Undivided attention is incredibly important in showing someone that you genuinely care about what they're saying to you.

8. Take pictures of/with them! It might seem little or cheesy but it's a great way to show that a specific moment with them is something you don't want to forget. 

9. Cuddle. It's intimate yet innocent and it's a way to show your S.O. that you enjoy being close with them. 

10. Pay attention. To their nervous habits, to their coffee preference, to the way they occasionally have an accent, to how they sleep, to how they laugh, the shapes the freckles on their back form.

11. Don't forget those things.

12. Embrace the inside jokes, weird faces, silly noises, tickle wars, and other insider things that you two would never do in front of the public. It's yours and that's awesome! 

13. Okay, go ahead: SAY "I LOVE YOU"! 

*     *     *

Hey gorgeous! It's Alyssa Nicole from Sincerely, Alaska! I am uber excited to get to share my words with you here at Preppy Little Lesbian! I'm a theatre freak, artist, avid reader, college girl, nerdfighter, and proud hedgehog mommy! You'll always be able to find me blogging about life, love, food, mental health, faith, and all the adventures that I hope to have in this crazy life of mine! 


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