Patience. This is something I have a TON of problems with. I usually have no patience. When I’m waiting in line at Starbucks. Hurry up already. When I’m waiting on Kayla to pick me up. It only takes 10 minutes to get from her apartment to my dorm. Why isn’t she here. Waiting on Christmas. I want to watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. Is that too much to ask?

But being patient is really important. And definitely hard to do. Being patient can ultimately give you rewards that you wouldn’t have received otherwise. Let’s say you really want an expensive top. But you KNOW at the end of the season, it will go on sale. If you wait and be patient just for a few months, you can have the top you want, but at a discounted price. 

Or maybe you’re like me and you really want to be successful at what you do. I wanted more than anything for this blog to become popular. I wanted to help other girls like me and let people know I’m available for advice and expertise in some fields. It took a while for me to even get views. But slowly (and I do mean slowly) I’ve accumulated a following. And I’ve gained a ton of friends from it. As you can tell from the weekly guest posts! 

I had to wait from first semester of my Junior year until August of this year to get my own laptop! I drove me insane. Absolutely insane to not have my own computer. I had to write posts on my family’s really really slow computer for so long. And I couldn’t Skype and watch movies with Kayla very easily either while she was in college. But, I stuck it out, and waited until after graduation and my aunt and uncle bought me an amazing (and fast) computer that I absolutely love. 

Being patient will ultimately help you in the end. Some steps to take to help you become a little more patient:

  • Breathe deeply
  • Write it out in your journal
  • Talk to someone
  • Work more towards your ultimate goal

Good luck in being more patient!


  1. I am terrible at being patient, too. Good tips!

  2. I am the same way too!! I hate being late so if someone is picking me up and they're like a min late i freak out or just get really impatient waiting on them.

  3. This is such good advice! I have been trying so hard to work on my patience!

    1. Thanks! Try these tips! They really do work

  4. I go from being decent at patience, to not being patient at all! I think it depends on the situation! When I'm driving I always loose my cool!

    1. Same! It also depends on the people I'm around or dealing with too!


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