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This week was....interesting to say the least. My phone died on Tuesday and never turned back on. Being without a phone SUCKS. Trying to make plans without a phone, and only the "messages" app on my Mac is literally terrible. BUT I'm going home this week to visit my family, and hopefully order a new phone. Because I don't have a phone, Snapshot Sunday might be canceled for a while until I get a new phone to take pictures!

Anyways. So here's my five things for the week:

1 - Laverne Cox// I'm so so so excited that Laverne Cox is coming to ECU! The tickets went on sale on Wednesday and Kayla and I went that day and got us tickets. I've been researching her, and obviously I watched Orange is the New Black. I think she's wonderful and the things she's doing for the LGBT community (especially the transgender part of the LGBT community) is amazing. I can't wait to hear her speak here!

2 - Dexter// As you know, I finished the L Word, so I needed a new show to obsess over. I've been really into the crime/murder show genre lately, so I started Dexter. I think it's a really cool twist on a crime show. The whole premise is Dexter narrates the show, who is a psychopath who kills murderers. And he's a forensic scientist (I think) for the Miami police department. It's really awesome how it follows his life and tells what he's thinking.

3 - Drawing// So drawing has become my life in the last month. Not even joking. I've probably drawn about 100 boxes, 10 chairs and now we're finally moving into interiors. And it's so hard. Not even lying. Periodically (and when I get a phone) I'll post some of my better drawings.

4 - Dogs that Cure Anxiety// This post is super cute! Kayla sent me this pin yesterday and I loved it. And it goes along with my anxiety post from the other day. Definitely check it out!

5 - White House Break in// So apparently someone just walked right into the White House the other day. Here is exactly what I read on Skimm

"If this were the White House, I apparently wouldn’t need them. Over the weekend, a man was detained after getting all the way through the – unlocked — front door of the White House. See that? It’s the Secret Service’s tail between its legs. Omar Gonzalez scaled the fence, and ran across the lawn before getting arrested inside. Now it turns out that Gonzalez not only had a knife on him at the time, but two hatchets, a machete, and more than 800 rounds of ammo in his car. Oh, but there’s more. Gonzalez, an Iraq War vet, was also stopped last month walking outside the White House with a hatchet in his waistband. He wasn’t arrested because he let officials search his car and they didn’t find anything. But wait, there’s more. In July, Gonzalez was arrested when Virginia state troopers stopped him along the road and found basically an entire gun shop in his back trunk, including a sawed-off shotgun. And a map with the White House circled on it. So, in the end, thankful officials are talking to him now."

What are your five things for this week?

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  1. Oh I read about that break in! Crazy stuff. People are so strange! I wouldn't try that . . . I'd be afraid I'd get shot!


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