Five Things

1 - Spring Nail Colors// I've started getting my nails done at a salon every two weeks for a couple of different reasons. First, shellac nail polish lasts two weeks and I just do not have time to repaint my nails every few days. I love how long they last and honestly I like to treat myself every other week. This week I decided to gt the most beautiful springy blue! 

2 - 10 Life-Changing Documentaries on Netflix// I love me a good documentary. I've watched almost all of the good ones on Netflix but I found this list and there's a few I haven't seen on here so I know what I'm doing later!

3 - How to Spring Clean Your Entire House in One Day// Check out my post from last week on how to spring clean your entire house in one day! (aka what I'm spending next Saturday doing)

4 - Kitchen Project// I've been working on a kitchen project for my kitchen and bath class and I am finally almost done with it! It's taken forever and it's been A LOT of work but the deadline is in sight and I can't wait to finally have it done!

5 - Total Body: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout// I love Blogilates total body workouts. They work you, hard. They aren't very long and they're apartment friendly - meaning there is no jumping, which I definitely appreciate!

What are your five things for this week?

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