Five Things

1 - Ring// I FINALLY got my ring yesterday! I had to get it resized and we chose to get it done in our hometown, so I didn't have it for over a week. Kayla met her mom halfway yesterday to get it and I really couldn't be more happy with it! I love it!

2 - Day Designer// I had a Day Designer last year and I LOVED IT. However, this year, I decided against one and got a regular weekly planner. I'm not sure why, but I did. I have missed having the hourly section, to-do section, and notes all on one page for each day so much. So I decided to get an A5 planner. I bought the planner binder on Amazon and I got the A5 inserts from day designer and I LOVE IT! I'll do a planner tour someday soon!

3 - Deep Cleaning in Less than an Hour// It's that time! Time for spring cleaning. HGTV has some great tips on 11 things you can deep clean in less than one hour. 

4 - Lush Bath Bombs// While I was in Italy I went into Lush Cosmetics and I was a little overwhelmed. I have never been in one and there were so many amazing products that I would have loved to try. Since I had to fly and everything was in Italian, I decided to play it safe and get a lip scrub and one of their signature bath bombs. I used it last week and it was amazing. I'm definitely going to get another one soon!

5 - Ingrid's 5 Steps to Clear Skin// You guys know how much I love skin care videos and how much I love Ingrid Nilsen so I LOVE when she posts skin care videos! After traveling, my skin has kind of taken a hit. So I have been watching, even more, videos lately trying to get the best tips to clear it up!

What are your five things for this week?

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