Simple Last Minute Christmas Gifts

It's that time of the year where you have everyone and their mother to buy for. You're bound to miss someone and then you're rushing to try and get something. I did the same thing a few days ago - I forgot my coworkers! So I went out and grabbed a candle holder from Target, some bubble bath, and some candy and called it a day! They thought it was super cute and it really didn't take much effort from me at all. Here are some other cute Christmas gift ideas if you're in a pinch!

1 - Candle// Everyone loves candles. I seriously have about 6 going at one time. I LOVE candles. Target has some really, really nice candles that are really cool. There are some that have marble as their jar, there are some in jars that look like bowls. They can get kind of pricey but it could be worth it!

2 - Lotion or Bubble Bath// You can head to your local Bath and Body Works, Ulta, or Target to stock up on a few of each of these (in matching smells) to give to your friends and family that need last minute gifts. It's a more practical gift, but I always appreciate it! One time I got 3 body washes for Christmas and I haven't had to buy any since!

3 - Your favorite book// Books are relatively cheap (paperbacks are cheaper and they're just as good as hardback books!) and if you give one of your favorite books, it's sentimental as well. For any reader, a new book is a great gift that they'll love and remember you as they're reading it!

4 - Gift Cards// Gift cards seem impersonal but I always enjoy getting them. Think of a place the person you're buying for goes a lot. Whether it's a restaurant, store, etc. I'm sure they'll enjoy not having to pay the next time they go and that you paid attention to what they like!

5 - Board Game// Board games are some things that people like to have around but don't necessarily want to buy them for themselves. This is especially great for families or couples!

What are your favorite last minute gifts you go to?

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