Five Things

1 - Ladies Who Lunch// If you follow me on Twitter, you always see me talking about the podcasts I'm listening and obsessed with. One of the ones I have been loving is Ladies Who Lunch with my favorite Ingrid Nilson and Catrific. I LOVE them. They always tackle amazing topics that are controversial, and that people don't really talk about that much. I always end the episode a little more educated and with some more tools on my belt about how to deal with life.

2 - Nani Boo// If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably haven't heard, but Kayla and I got a sweet kitten named Nani. She's so so so sweet. She loves to cuddle! Her and Koda have been getting along so much better now that Koda is finally used to her. Life with two babies in the house is finally settling down.

3 - Going Home// I haven't been home since August and I finally came home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving break! It's been nice hanging out at home with my family. I got to see my original two babies, my cats, Luna and Sanders. Luna isn't a huge fan of Nani but her and Sanders are running around chasing each other as we speak. I've missed home so much so I'm soaking up my last day before I head back tomorrow morning. Luckily, I won't be gone as long this time and I'll be back a few days before Christmas!

4 - Peppermint Mochas// IT'S THAT TIME! The best coffee drinks are finally here. I got peppermint mocha creamer a couple of days ago and I'm already obsessed. I haven't gotten a peppermint mocha from Starbucks yet but I'm so ready to get one.

5 - Christmas Decorations// So far I have helped decorate at work and at home with my family. At work we decorated the Friday before Thanksgiving and we put up a tree. At home, we put up our family tree and we do our annual traditions. Each year my mom gets us a new ornament for our family tree. Last year, it was a framed picture of Koda and this year it was a red and green ball with a "A" on it. She also got us a "Merry Christmas" pillow because my sister and I have our own places to decorate this year. Tomorrow, after Kayla and I get back to ECU, we're going to decorate our house. We'll put up our tree and our other decorations. I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit!

What are your five things for this week?

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