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This week was pretty low key, which I'm enjoying. I got a lot of things done around here at Design Ally. I finally fixed some broken links and did some other things that I know I should have done a long, long time ago. I also downloaded Pokemon Go so naturally I'm obsessed and taking Koda on two walks a day. She's loving it and I'm getting some much-needed exercise!

1 - Pokemon Go// If you haven't heard about Pokemon Go you've been living under a rock for about a week. Seriously. Everyone and their mother is playing this game. And I have to say, it's pretty fun. There are a ton of pokestops near my house so we grab Koda and head over whenever we need to. I know a lot of people are knocking it and saying it's lame but I think that it's awesome. There are ALWAYS people out and about now. We live a few blocks from the dog park and there's stops there and there are ALWAYS people hanging out there getting poke balls and catching Pokemon. The amount of people out and about have seriously doubled over the past week and I think it's awesome.

2 - Let That Shit Go// If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you've seen this already. I love this poster! I think it's so cute. I couldn't decide between the teal for my office/where I do yoga or the black for our guest bathroom. I ended up going with the black for the bathroom. If you're interested, you can get the poster in a number of colors.

3 - Mindy Project// I have to say I'm pretty obsessed with the Mindy Project. It's seriously hilarious, like I will be watching this by myself and laughing out loud. I love how funny, successful and relatable Mindy is compared to other stars in shows. What shows are you watching right now?

4 - All 339 Books Referred in "Gilmore Girls"// Everyone loves Gilmore Girls, and if you don't you're probably insane. If you watch it, you know that Rory has a pretty extensive reading list under her belt. And if you're curious, you can find all 339 books that were referenced in Gilmore Girls here. Get to reading!

5 - Morning Yoga - Energizing Morning Sequence// This sequence is great for getting some energy in the morning and getting ready for the day. I'm definitely going to try it out in the morning! Adriene recommends you do this on an empty stomach!

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What are your five things for this week?

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