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This week has been a little crazy. I started my second semester and Kayla and I have been trying to figure out our schedules and getting used to the new semester. I have a bunch of late classes and labs so a lot of my time is taken up. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get used to it! 

I got my desk last week and it's been a saving grace, although the second room is super cold for some reason!

I got some new books recently! I bought the Cinderella Murder and Stolen Prey (on sale!) and I received "Prep" for Christmas!

Sometimes I look at her and she's just so cute I want to cry. 

I've been packing my "breakfast" and snacks this week because I don't have a ton of time in the morning to actually eat, so these Slim Fast meal replacement bars have been awesome! And they're delicious! 

Koda's new trick! We're trying to teach her how to smile, only because it's so adorable when she does!

1 - Second Semester// I started my last semester as a Sophomore this Monday! It's already been kicking my booty. I have 6 classes and I'm taking 16 credit hours. I'm in Math (College Algebra) and it's horrible. I'm the worst at math. I'm in the online section and it's completely on My Math Lab (does anyone have to use this?!?) and it's horrible. If you get ONE thing wrong you completely have to start over. On top of that I only have ONE class that is less than 3 hours long, and that's still 2 hours. It's going to be a tough semester but I'm just going to have to completely buckle down and get some things done!

2 - Cinderella Murder x Mary Higgins Clark// Last week Kayla and I went to Barnes and Noble and obviously I couldn't walk out of there without buying some books. I got Cinderella Murder by Mary Higgins Clark and Stolen Prey by John Sanford. I started Cinderella Murder last week and I'm totally getting into it! I've been into thriller books recently and this one is not disappointing! It's about a college student who gets murdered and 20 years later they still don't know who did it! A new show Under Suspicion takes on their case to find out who killed Susan. It's really good, well written and each chapter is only a few pages (I love books like that!). I can't wait to write a review when I'm done!

3 - EOS Lawsuit// I'm sure you've heard all over the internet this week, but EOS is giving people rashes and drying up people's lips. I've been using EOS for YEARS and I've never had this problem. I'm constantly using them. They're in my purse, on my night table, in my book bag, car, etc. Has anyone else been experiencing these problems

4 - Lifestyle Changes to Transform this Semester// I saw this article on the LaLa and I couldn't help but agree! My number one thing is to start getting a handle on the dishes (and laundry!). It's so easy to just leave the dishes in the sink after I've just spent time cooking and eating dinner but it's so much more convenient to do it then than the next morning when I'm tired and I need to use that pan and I just don't feel like doing anything! There are a bunch of other awesome tips in this post also! Check it out: here

5 - Sense of Self// I first heard of Ingrid Nelson when she came out on her Youtube channel last year. I watched the entire 15 minute video and was crying the whole time. It was so truthful and emotional that I spent the next few hours going through as many of her videos as possible. I eventually subscribed to her and I saw this video pop up on my feed and I was so excited! I love Pretty Little Liars and Shay Mitchell. She's amazing and she's so sweet and cute. I love these "Sense of Self" videos because they are all about the people she's featuring (today: Shay Mitchell) and you learn so much about them and you learn some coping mechanisms along the way. It's amazing. I encourage you to check it out! (And how cool is it that Ingrid and Shay are friends!?!?)

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What are your five things for this week?

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