Five Things

1 - Exams//  Exams are finally done! I have been super stressed lately, especially because of Sophomore Review to get into the Interior Design program. On top of that, I had four exams and lots of work. I'm just so so so happy for it to be over with!

2 - Winter Break// It's now officially Christmas Break! Kayla, Koda and I made the trip home last night and it felt like it took forever! But I'm back in my hometown trying to catch up on my blog, do some work and get ready for Christmas next week! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

3 - Fuller House//

4 - Christmas Shopping// Ugh. I love shopping; I love Christmas; I love buying people gifts. But there's something about Christmas shopping that is fun, exciting and still extremely stressful. The only person I've bought for so far is Kayla but I still have my family and friends so I'm getting started on it this weekend!

5 - Matt Bellasai// Worst things about holiday parties.

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What are your five things for this week?
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