5 Last Minute Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Finals

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It's here guys. It's Finals Week! But, if your school is like mine, it spans over two weeks instead of one. But never the less, it's here and we're all tired. My Freshman year I cried for the whole week straight. It wasn't fun. It was beyond stressful but, I'm here with some tips that I wish I would have known last year, and tips I'm using this year.

Take Breaks// I can't stress this enough. You will not retain the information if you don't take breaks, hydrate and fuel yourself with some snacks. It may feel counterproductive (I know I always feel that way) but it so much better for you to take frequent (once every hour or so) to just get your eyes away from that book.

Make Concise Study Guides// If your professor gives you a study guide, lucky you! A lot of professors don't do that, so I would definitely use that to your advantage. However, some professors can over do it on the study guides and tell you everything you need to know for the course - not the exam. So take a look through your notes and the study guide together to make sure you're really getting the key points of your course for the exam!

Luvo Learn// Luvo is a last minute study hack that I'm actually personally using! Luvo offers textbook outlines, lecture notes, flash cards and video tutorials! Live one-on-one tutoring is even available at the last minute. So, if you're struggling at 1AM, hop onto Luvo and get a live one-on-one session. I bought a Psych study guide/class notes and honestly, it's a life saver. I even used it for my last Econ test, and this person took better notes than I ever could have though to. Also, if you finish exams, you can upload your notes to possibly make some extra christmas money!

Go to a Quiet Place//
I can't stress this enough. Going to the library or a study room in your dorm (like I did) is so so so so so helpful. I can try all I want to study in my room, but the TV is usually on and I just want to lay down in my bed. I always tell myself, the faster I get this done here in the library, the faster I can go home and sleep.

Starbucks has to know they're ruining my pictures when they spell my name wrong!
Study with Friends// Some people prefer to study alone, and that's totally okay. I honestly will do whatever. I'm always down for a study sesh with my friends. My Freshman year my friends and I spent hours and hours and hours in the study room of my dorm, and honestly, it was so much fun. We were all trying to studying, and I think we got a lot done. Just make sure you're not going to get too distracted.
What are your last minute finals tips?


  1. I do have to say I couldn't have survived finals alone so studying with friends for at least part of the day is a good idea!


  2. I do better studying alone but everyone's different! Luvo Learn sounds awesome -- I will have to look into it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. Love your tips!! For me personally, I think a lot of these are dependent on specific classes. I know with some final papers and projects, I can focus just fine working from my bed or desk in my room. But with others- I can't focus at all and need to be in the library! Same goes for studying with friends- for some subjects it's so helpful! For others I need to be alone.

    Good luck on your exams!

    xoxo A

  4. Luvo Learn sounds like such a cool way to prep for a test! Love it


  5. Best of luck with finals! I definitely don't miss those times, but these are awesome tips!

  6. These are such great tips!! Taking breaks is one of the most important things that I think often gets left out in the rush to study! It truly is one of the keys to success!

    xo Ashley

  7. I've never heard of that website... How cool! Thanks for sharing.

    Sara Kate Styling

  8. Luvo Learn sounds great! Too bad it wasn't there when I was in school!

  9. Great tips! Makes me miss college :(

    Sugar & Something

  10. Great tips! Finals were always so stressful--I don't miss them one bit!

    xo Alexis

  11. Good luck with your finals! I just finished mine up today (they're so different when you're a senior though!) I always had to study alone to get me through, it helped me soak everything in :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  12. Good luck on finals I'm sure you'l rock them!!!

  13. Such great tips! It's been awhile since ive taken any finals but these tips would definitely have helped :)


  14. Great tips! I always appreciated random exercise or dance breaks :). Good way to get the blood flowing haha.

  15. I wish I had known about Luvo Learn in college! I bet it would have saved me lots of tears!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass


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