There's a Tea for You, No Matter What You're Feeling

It’s no secret that certain teas have special powers when you drink them at the right times. The English have tea like we have our soda – all of the time. But which tea do you drink when? Where do I get all of these different kinds of teas? I’ve put together a tea-guide for you when you have sleepless nights, an upset stomach or even when you’re stressed.

When you’re stressed// When you’re stressed, try making yourself some lemon balm tea. Some research shows that lemon balm tea reduces symptoms in people with anxiety disorders. Research also shows that lemon balm increases calmness and awareness during tests. (You’re going to have to remember that during finals!) Another research study found that when drinking lemon balm tea on a regular basis for about four weeks it lowers agitation and edginess in people who are stressed and regularly anxious.

When you can’t sleep// Chamomile gives a calming effect when you can’t sleep. Chamomile tea has mild sedative effects. Chamomile is known for its ability to relieve insomnia and encourage a good nights sleep. If you’ve been having restless, sleepless nights, make yourself a steamy mug of chamomile tea just before bedtime to insure a goodnight’s sleep all the way through the night.

When you have an upset stomach// Peppermint tea is great for when you have an upset stomach. Peppermint works by both calming the muscles of the stomach and improving the “flow”. Peppermint tea works especially well when you have an upset stomach due to over eating.

When you’re having weight issues// Green tea is an amazing tea that has awesome antioxidant benefits. Green tea helps everything from reducing fibrocystic nodes to weight loss to digestive problems.

When you have cold/flu symptoms// Ginger tea relieves cold and flu symptoms while also reducing nausea. Ginger seems to aid digestion and salvia flow also. Ginger can also help with painful periods (finally a helpful “cure”!) In one study, more than 60% of women who drank ginger tea during their last period, it lessened the pain for them!

So where do you get all of these amazing teas to help with your every little problem? They’re all easier to find than you think. Recently I purchased a pack of 20 little tea bags with 5 different flavors. And how much did I spend? $3. Yep. You read right. For $3 I purchased 20 tea bags with flavors such as lemon, lavender, chamomile at Walmart.

If you can’t find the flavors you need down in the tea and coffee isle of your local Walmart or grocery store, head down to your closest health food store, such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Fresh Market. Another great place to find some awesome teas is at a place called “World Market”. If you don’t have one of those close by, don’t worry, because you can always purchase online!
If you happen to have a Keurig, they also make many, many different kinds tea “KCups” available at most grocery stores! All you have to do is pop one in; add some water and press “brew”.

This is most definitely not an all-inclusive list, by any means. There are many different teas out on the market today that have many different uses for any kind of problem you could have!


  1. I need to go make myself a stress relief tea right this minute, happy monday!!

  2. Super helpful!
    Thanks for sharing, Ally.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. Love this post! I am such a big tea drinker and always have been. :-) Now I want some tea after reading this haha!

    xoxo A

  4. This is such a great post! I love tea, but didn't realize that there was a tea for all of these feelings! Definitely going to pick up some lemon balm tea for those days when I am stressed!

    xo Ashley

  5. Definitely going to have to try ginger tea for cold/flu season! This list was very helpful; great post :)


  6. Omg yes! What a perfect post! I love hot tea, especially Earl Grey! I am saving this now!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  7. There are really so many different teas for literally everything!

  8. I'm forwarding this to my mom! We are so into tea. She must have some kind of superpower because she gives me chamomile when i can't sleep and peppermint when i don't feel well!


  9. I also really love tea. Green tea is my personal favorite!

  10. I am not a tea fan, but I WISH I was after I've been struggling for the past two weeks with an awful cold!


  11. Oh my gosh!! Where did you learn all of this!? I love ginger tea, I could literally drink it all the time. Great list!

    Sara Kate Styling

  12. Pinning this!! I love tea but never knew all the different benefits!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  13. I absolutely love hot tea, and this is the time of year that I drink so much of it! I appreciate the list... It's so good to know what I should be drinking in different scenarios! Picking up some ginger tea immediately :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  14. I love ginger tea. It's helpful to know that there are certain types of tea that are best for certain scenarios.

  15. Wow, this is super helpful to know! I'm not a huge fan of tea but my roommate drinks it all the time. I'm definitely sharing this with her :)

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  16. I am such a tea girl! Sometimes I get sick of the jittery feels that coffee gives me. Thanks for sharing!



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