Do You Need Help Organizing Your Life?

After my two posts last week, I got a lot of comments about how organized I was and they wish they could be as organized as I am. I get that a lot from my friends, so I didn't really think about those comments that much. Then my friend, Stephanie from The Lovely Essentials asked me to help her get organized and form a routine. That got me thinking a little bit. Would other people want this kind of help too?

So that's what I'm doing. I'm offering Organizing and Routine Building Consultations and services.

What is a Routine Building Consultation?
Do you want to dedicate your time better to specific tasks? Do you have trouble getting everything you need done in one day? Are you at a complete loss as to how to organize your planner, daily tasks, school assignments, etc? I am here to help you accomplish all of that – in under two hours.

When you book an organizing/routine building consultation you receive:
-A 30-minute Google hangout chat discussing how and what exactly you need help with to insure you get what is best for you
-A ready to-go routine (made by me) including: color-coding, time management help, and your to-do list
-Information on how to continue to dedicate time and effort to your tasks, after I supply you the routine
-Follow up email to make sure your routine and organization is working for you

-Exclusive tips you will not find anywhere else and what I actually do to help myself be as organized as possible!

All you have to do is click this link, or head over to the "services" section in my navigation bar to get started!

I'm SO excited about this! I love organizing and planning and I can't wait to help you!

Need conformation about how organized I really am? See the posts below!

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