What It's Like Working in a Yoga Studio

As you know, I started working at my local yoga studio two weeks ago. I LOVE it! I spent so much time in that yoga studio before I left for college, and honestly it changed my life. When I was at school I missed it so much! You can do yoga in your dorm or the rec center, but it really doesn't compare to having someone guide you through your practice!

Working in a yoga studio is exactly like I always thought it would be. It's relaxing, fun, easy, and rewarding. First of all, I work by myself. I come in and unlock the doors, make iced tea for the clients, turn on all of the candles and get ready for people to begin coming in. For the most part I'm just sitting in the front on the computer checking people in, completing a sale of merchandise, or booking massages.

While people are in classes I do things like light cleaning, making oil blended cooling washcloths, straightening yoga equipment, and filling ice trays. Once that is finished, I'm free to do what I want! Most of the time I bring whatever book I'm reading (last week it was Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, this week it is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender). On Friday, I was super burned out so I just watched the TV show 30 Rock on my phone on Netflix! I bought the latest Cosmo magazine so I can read it during work on Wednesday!

There are two yoga classes each morning, and usually at least one massage, but that's not always true. Once those are finished, I check the massage people out, and then get to cleaning! I finish whatever I did not or could not complete during class time. Then I'm out of there! It's really not a hard job!I love love love working there. I work by myself which is wonderful because I can do my own thing, and make sure things are done to my (high) standards.

In working in a yoga studio, you can imagine that it is super relaxing. And it is! There is a water fountain going, and relaxing yoga music is playing in the lobby where I sit and the lights are low. All of this together creates a good vibe that you can't but feel good in! Oh, and there is endless amounts of chocolate!

I'm not very good with speaking to new people; it's one of the worst parts of my anxiety. But even with just two weeks at this job, I have gotten more comfortable with customer service and speaking to people I don't know. There's also problem solving involved in this job, so it's challenging at times, which kind of makes it fun. Overall, it's the best summer job I could ask for!

What kind of summer job do you have this year?


  1. I'm interning at my local gym! Sounds like your summer job is dream! xx

    1. Have fun interning! And It definitely is!

  2. This is so cool! I bet that would be an awesome job! (congratulations on getting it, by the way!) A new yoga studio just opened around the corner from our loft and I am so, SO excited to finally be able to walk to yoga classes! I hope you're having an amazing/relaxing summer!

    1. That would be so awesome to be able to walk to yoga! I hope you're having a good summer also!


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