Five Things

1 - Birthday// Today is my little sister's 17th birthday! I can't believe she's that old now. I honestly feel like I was 17 like yesterday. I'm traveling home from school today to celebrate her birthday. We're going to eat dinner, get a manicure and watch her open presents! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLA!

2 - Finals// Finals are so soon and I am going absolutely crazy! I spent about a week slacking on my work and I'm paying for it. So not only do I have finals coming up, but I also have all of this week and next week's work to deal with! So if I haven't been posting, I know I haven't, it's because I'm trying to get caught up! So bare with me here for the next couple of weeks!

3 - Yoga.com - The App// You guys know my obsession with yoga. And now with the Yoga.com app, it's even easier to do as many as 300 poses and to be customized by your skill level or by type of pose. With all of the things I have to do, I'm definitely going to need to have a study break, and yoga is the perfect one!

4 - Kim Kardashian App// Okay, I have a confession. I'm obsessed with Kim Kardashian game. I seriously sit there and wait for my energy to go up so I can keep playing. If you want to have a game on your phone that you can get addicted to, this is definitely the one.

5 - Orange is the New Black// So season three of Orange is the New Black is coming out in July and I could not be more excited! Here is the trailer:

What are your five things for this week?

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