Five Things

1 - Why I Don't Want to Be Your Girlfriend// I read this article recently and I honestly just sat there with my mouth open because I had never thought of it like that. The article is saying that she doesn't want the labels of boyfriend and girlfriend, they're partners. You have to read the article to get the whole gist, and honestly, it really does open up your eyes a lot about relationships and labels.

2 - Studyblr// If you ever need any motivation for studying, just type in "studyblr" on tumblr and you will want to go grab some paper, colored pens, highlighters and any other school supplies you can imagine and get to work! Seriously, I heard about the "studyblr" community and I'm now so motivated to color code (even more) things!

3 - Invisibilia// After my obsession with the podcast Serial I've been on the hunt for some new podcasts to listen to while on my way to class. Recently Carly from College Prepster recommend Invisibilia. I've gotten to listening to a couple of them and I cannot believe how interesting I've found them. The basic background to the podcasts/episodes is the invisible forces that fuel our lives. There are so many interesting topics they put on.

4 - Lilly's Lookbook// GUYS it's here! Lilly's look book for Target has come out and I WANT EVERYTHING. I swear I'm going to go broke on April 19th. I want all of the dresses and all of the swimsuits; I don't know how I'm going to pick and choose.

5 - Flipboard// There's this really cool app/website to read your news on. It's not like CNN or Fox News though. It's totally customizable to exactly what you want to see on your newsfeed. I've been interested in reading articles about Interior Design, Meditation, Yoga, and current events so I set up my "magazines" to show me those articles what exactly I wanted! I always read Clipboard before I go to bed and I feel like I'm catching up on the world!

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What are your five things for this week?

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