Five Things

I know, I know. I haven't posted at all this week. I woke up sick on Monday morning and I couldn't muster up enough energy to do anything other than watch HGTV all day. I am hoping to get back to regularly scheduled blogging on Monday! Starting next month I have some super exciting blog posts planned that are starting to incorporate more what I want to write about and my passions than to write about what I think you guys want to hear. Hopefully that will make my posts even better because I am more passionate about what I'm writing!

1 - Style by Taylor Swift// This music video is completely different than Blank Space. I think they're both really well done. I do like the sophistication of this music video though. Taylor is definitely not the You Belong With Me artist anymore!

2 - RA Interview// I had my second and last RA interview on Monday. And of course I woke up sick (more on that below). It still went really well. I should find out if I get the job around the end of March. So wish me luck!!

3 - Sick// Like I said, I woke up sick Monday morning. I felt terrible. I went to my interview in the morning and I felt bad. But as the day went on I got even worse. I tried to go to my class, I actually made it all the way there, but I couldn't even stay. I had to leave because I felt so bad. It "snowed", more like iced on Monday night so I didn't have to go to classes on Tuesday. I currently still feel bad but I have keep on keeping on because I can't miss any class! Anyone else get the cold this season? how are you dealing with it?

4 - Positivity Journal// Morgan from Mostly Morgan wrote a post this week about how to create a great positivity journal. I think this is definitely something that everyone needs to read, and create. I've been working very hard on trying to become as positive as I can so I believe this will really help me!

5 - Healthy Popcorn// I am a huge fan of mixing things into my popcorn. While most of the time it's a ton of butter and salt, I'm so glad I found this link of healthy popcorn recipes to eat! They advertise it to watch the Oscars with, but really it's good for anything! Especially late night snacking!

What are your five things for this week?

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