Five Things

This week was really nothing special. Other than the fact that I had my first interview to be an RA yesterday! It went really well and I have my second one on Monday, I'm super excited but honestly ready for this process to be over!

1 - Men Guess Nail Polish Colors// Apparently I'm not alone in thinking that some of the names for nail polish colors are absolutely ridiculous. One man tries to guess the names, and it ends up being pretty hilarious. I laughed out loud a few times reading his response.

2 - Sugar by Maroon 5// This music video is SO cool. If Maroon 5 showed up to my wedding I would be SO excited. Plus, they're Kayla and I's "band" so that would make it extra special. You have to see this video:

3 - Saved By the Bell// I'm pretty sure everyone has seen this video, but I couldn't not include it in my Five Things! My sister and I grew up watching Saved by the Bell. We have probably seen almost every episode and honestly, this Jimmy Fallon skit felt just like one! If you haven't seen it, definitely go watch. 

4 - Gone Girl// I want to see Gone Girl so bad! It came to our campus theatre last week and we had plans to go see it, but they fell through. So I missed it. This movie is definitely on my must watch list for this year. Does anyone know if it is coming to Red Box soon or if it already is? If so, I'll definitely have to rent it this weekend!

5 - Valentines Day// Tomorrow is Valentines day, like I'm sure you all know. Kayla and I don't have too fancy of plans, we're going to go eat at Olive Garden and maybe go see a movie or something! Simple and not too expensive or demanding. I can't wait to give her my gift! And my sweet mother (hi mom!) sent me an early Valentines Day care package filled with some awesome goodies!

6 - Tiny Hamster's Tiny Date// Okay, I had to include this. It's super cute!!! They actually kind of look like my hamster Ellie.

What You Missed This Week:

What are your Five Things for this week?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I died over the nail polish thing. Seriously, my favorite.


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