Gifts for Your Brother

While I don't have a brother, I do think these things can work as great gifts for your brother, young or old!

1 - Game// Games are a good thing to get for people because they can use it over and over again. Make sure he doesn't already have it though!

2 - Cases// A cool case for your brother's phone is a good idea for Christmas. Usually they're pretty cheap, and they can really match someone's personality.

3 - Shirt// Okay, I know, this isn't the greatest shirt ever, but there's not many young guys in my life, so I don't know what they usually like to wear! But, however, you probably do know your brothers style.

4 - His Favorite Candy// A great stocking stuffer! Try and get a holiday themed one, to make it a little festive! You can never go wrong with candy.

5 - Movie// Anyone would love to get one of their favorite movies on DVD for Christmas. Again, make sure he doesn't have it already, and that he actually likes the movie!

6 - Nike Socks// Almost every teenage boy I know loves these socks. I definitely think that if your brother is athletic, they'll love to get these!

What other gifts ideas do you have?

*I am not, in any way shape or form trying to be "gender conforming" when writing these posts. 

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