I’ve seen many many bloggers do a confessions post and I love seeing those posts! I think they’re so good because you get to know more about the person behind the computer screen. So here it goes!

  1. I was born in North Carolina on August 29,1995.
  2. I have a little sister named Isabella who’s a Junior in high school. 
  3. I have a cat named Luna who is a little more of my world than she should be. I’m completely obsessed with her. 
  4. I don’t like a single fruit. Not one. Pineapples, apples, oranges, grapes. Nothing.
  5. I hate onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots too. 
  6. I’ve filled 11 journals/notebooks since my 7th grade year.
  7. I have never been out of the USA. 
  8. I’m an Interior Design Major with a business minor. 
  9. I think I might want to double major with Journalism also.
  10. I went 1 year and 6 months without cracking my iPhone screen, but as soon as I got a replacement one because my wifi wasn’t working, I broke the screen within a week.
  11. I have a hamster named Ellie or Eleanor who is the cutest hamster ever. 
  12. I used to be TERRIFIED of snakes. I would cry any time I was even sort of near one, but when Kayla got them, I learned to actually like and appreciate them!
  13. I have watched over a dozen series on Netflix, it’s one of my guilty obsessions. 
  14. I used to read over 25 books a summer. 
  15. I have terrible anxiety when it comes to pretty much anything. 
  16. I also have depression.
  17. I used to see a therapist once every two weeks.
  18. I have two fish also. I feel like I could open up a zoo in my room. And I want to get a dog or a cat when I get my own apartment. 
  19. Although I define myself as preppy, I prefer to wear leggings and a t shirt instead of a dress. 
  20. I currently am rooming with my best friend since 5th grade!
Thats all I can think of right now!

So, now you know some more about me! List some of your confessions down below!

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