5 Things

This week, or the last few days rather, have been sad and a little bit hard. It's always hard to say goodbye to Kayla but the first of the year is always the hardest. But only three more weeks! I'm just kind of ready to get this week over with. Because the next few weeks I'm going to focus on working, getting things for my dorm, writing ready made posts, and a few other things I have to do for the school before I move in in August! If you haven't already look at yesterday's post about August's book club book! And follow/like my Facebook page!

So here's this week's 5 things!

1 - Gay Marriage Legalized?// The US Court of Appeals in Richmond ruled Monday that Virginia's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, a decision that could over turn Amendment One in North Carolina (my home state). So it's no longer a question of "if" it will be legal, but rather, "when". Exciting!

2 - Wristlets// I'm currently on the hunt for a cheap wristlet that I can keep my ECU card, debit card, credit card, a little bit of cash, my phone and my dorm keys on it. I'm really on a budget right now, with me going to college (3 weeks from yesterday!!) so I don't want anything expensive. But having all of that in one will definitely be beneficial! I was thinking about this Vera Bradley one, this one from Target, or this one also from Target!  Which one do you think? Or any other suggestions?

3 - New Glasses// I just got new glasses this week. And I was definitely in need of them. There was a sale going on so I was able to get Michael Kors and I LOVE them! I'm definitely going to start wearing my glasses more now!

4 - Disney Movies// I'm definitely a Disney movie kind of girl. So when I found this list on Tumblr I was super excited! Now I can't wait to watch them all! Defintitely check it out! It has most known Disney movies for free online!

5 - Gmail & iCal// Gmail and iCal have literally saved my butt this week. I started taking down names and topics of girls who wanted to guest post for my blog and I ended up with over 25 girls who I had to email and schedule and keep up with who was going when and what topic! So it really helped that I could look at my calendar and label each email correctly!

What are your 5 things for this week?


  1. I love when you do the 5 Things posts! Enjoy your Michael Kors glasses! I have a pair and get complimented every time I wear them!

  2. Fossil is a great place to look for wristlets! I love mine, and it holds up really nicely, which I've found can be a problem with Vera Bradley wristlets.

    1. Hm. I'll have to check them out! Thanks!

  3. Anything Disney that brings me back to my childhood is a great find. Great post!


  4. I use a vera bradley id holder, and it works really nicely, I also have a VB wristlet that i bought at a thriftstore for 10. Check websites like Poshmark.com for gently used ones at super cheap prices! I buy tons of stuff there lol


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