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My aunt and uncle got me a MacBook laptop for school (and obviously other things) and it came in today! I'm super excited! I was using an old Compaq computer that was my grandfathers. If you haven't ever heard of Compaq computers then that's okay because I hadn't either.

Anyways! I've been wanting to talk about my makeup for a while. I don't really over do it on make up. Most of the time in summer I don't even wear makeup unless I'm going out. But during the school year I wear makeup everyday. I'm not the type to really do elaborate makeup. For one, I'm not very good at it. Second, I feel like I look weird really done up.

Here's a picture of everything I use on a daily basis:

Eye liner: I will use literally any eye liner ever. I usually use black pencil. Right now I'm using Rimmel.

Foundation: CoverGirl TruBlend. I LOVE THIS. I recently just got it and it's wonderful. It covers SO well and it stays ALL DAY. The perfect foundation. 10/10 definitely would recommend.

Eyelash curler: It was literally $3 in the checkout line at Forever 21. I bought it on a whim because mine was really bad. It actually works really well.

Eye shadow: Right now I'm using a trio from CoverGirl. I usually stick with a light color on the top of my lid, a slightly darker color up to my brow and a dark brown on the outer corners. I usually just look for a pallet that has all of these. I really like this one. All of the colors look perfect as I imagine them to look.

Bronzer powder: I literally have no idea who makes this. It works really well though. It gives me a little extra color when I need it.

Blush: Rimmel London is the brand I use. I really like this color. It's pinkish, and it goes on well, but it's not too pink.

Mascara: Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express. I have THE worst luck when it comes to mascara. I feel like every single mascara makes my eyelashes clumpy and I hate it! But this one doesn't! It goes on really well. It volumes and it lengthens. Which is nice because you usually can't find a mascara that doesn't do that. I definitely recommend this kind.

Well that's it! I usually wear chapstick, and 9.99/10 times it's EOS. I literally have 10 different flavors.

How do I get it all off? Check out this post.

What kind of make up brands do you use?

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